Genealogy Days 2016 in Umeå

Exhibitor information

This is important information concerning your participation in Släktforskardagarna 2016, August 20-21 2016 in Umeå. Please read through this information carefully and pass it on to all the people who will be working at your stand during the trade fair. We hope that you will do all the necessary preparations such as ordering stand service in good time before the fair. By doing so, you will save time for both yourself and for us and everything will run smoothly.

We look forward to an exciting trade fair with interesting theme days and inquisitive visitors!

The information as a PDF file here!


ACCOMMODATION  For information about accommodation, see or

ADDRESSES Goods address: Nolia AB, Släktforskardagarna 2016, Signalvägen 3, 903 22 UMEÅ, SWEDEN.
Goods marking and post to exhibitors: Mark with the name of your company and stand number, Nolia AB, Signalvägen 3, 903 22 UMEÅ, SWEDEN.  Delivery date 2016-08-xx (state required date of delivery, at the earlies Wednesday, August 17).

ADMISSION PRICES Visitors pays 100 SEK per day. Children youth up to 15 years enter free accompanied by an adult. Exhibition catalog included in the price.

CAFÉ  will be available in the exhibition hall. Here you can buy sandwiches, cakes and beverages.

CAR PARKING  Exhibitors will be able to park in designated areas near the trade fair area. The parking is free of charge August 19-21. Other days it costs 20 SEK per day in designated places paid in a ticket machine on the field.

CASH WITHDRAWALS can be made in the Service Center located in Show room. NOTE! Not switchboard service.

CLEANING  Exhibitors are responsible for the cleaning of their stands. After the trade fair closes in the evening, it is permitted to place waste out in the gangways. NB! Only in the evening! Nolia’s staff will clean the gangways and other common areas every evening.

COVERAGE of the trade fair takes place from the fair’s moving through the fair’s relocation without fair thus responsible for the exhibitors’ belongings (see insurance).

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS  Nolia’s contractor is in charge of all electrical installations. Electricity can be ordered via our homepage or late orders in our Service Center.

EXCHANGE SERVICE is not available at the fair. Remember to provide you with enough loose change so you can manage the two days.

EXHIBITION CATALOG, where all exhibitors presented is included in the admission price. Your company presentation at a maximum of 20 words you can mail to no later than April 15.

EXHIBITOR BADGES Exhibitor notice of their arrival in Nolias Information that is located in Show room. There you will receive your exhibitor badges which should be used by staff working in the booth.

FLOOR Concrete floor in the exhibition hall.

GENERAL REGULATIONS  for the trade fair are stated on the back of the order confirmation. Here you will find the regulations regarding the decoration of stands etc.

HANDLING OF GOODS  and address, see above under “Addresses”. Goods that arrive before August 17 must be stored by each respective forwarder. There is a special place where packaging that is to be re-used can be stored for the duration of the trade fair. This service incurs a charge.

INFORMATION DESK  is located in Show room, next to the exhibition hall.

INSURANCE  Nolia takes no responsibility for injuries/damage caused by the exhibitor or his/her staff or their possessions at the trade fair, nor is Nolia in any way responsible for damage/injuries caused to the exhibitor and his/her staff or their possessions. We recommend that you take out insurance with your insurance company.

LUNCH TICKETS for exhibitors can be booked. Read more under Restaurant Kummin.

MOVING IN The stands are accessible to the exhibitor from Friday, August 19 at 10 am. Earlier access is possible if agreed on with Nolia. Goods sent ahead will be placed in your stand. Saturday, August 20 at 09:00 am, all booths must be ready  and manned.

MOVING OUT One of the conditions of taking part in Släktforskardagarna 2016 is that you must stay for the entire duration of the trade fair. Moving out may commence earliest 3,30 pm Sunday, August 21. Moving out must be completed by 4 pm Monday, August 22.

Halls for moving in and out
Friday August 19        10.00-20.00
Saturday August 20   07.00-09.00
Sunday August 21      07.00-19.00
Monday August 22     08.00-16.00

Service Center
Friday August 19        10.00-20.00
Saturday August 20   08.00-17.00
Sunday August 21      08.00-19.00

Trade Fair
Saturday August 20   09.00-17.00
Sunday August 21      09.00-15.30

PACKAGING  that is to be re-used can be stored in a special area for the duration of the trade fair as indicated by Nolia. The packaging must be marked with your stand number and name of the company.

PRESS  We are keen to emphasise innovations, exciting ideas and activities that visitors and the press will come across among the stands in the trade fair. So please send us an e-mail with press releases that we can publish at our web site.

PROGRAM The Genealogy Fair 2016, is presented in the exhibition catalog and on the website,

QUALITY HOST  In order for you to receive the best possible service, our quality host Lena Hernell will be available during the moving-in period and the two trade fair days. If you need help or perhaps just want a question answered, phone her. Telephone number +46 (0)70-275 04 87.

RESTAURANT KUMMIN is adjacent to the hall and offers a tasty buffet lunch for 100 SEK. Book your lunch tickets by sending an email to and provide how many tickets you want to buy.

RETURN GOODS If you have return goods: Make sure to order the return freight of goods in advance and bring the return address labels to the venue. Pack the goods, mark with return address labels and leave the goods in your stand.

SECURITY In the exhibition area the exhibitors must follow follow the organizer’s instructions and the safety precautions authorities and providers may issue.

STAND NUMBER All exhibitor booths will be numbered and communicated by the websites exhibitor list from April 1. Use your booth number in your contacts with the service center, contractors, etc.

STAND SERVICE Before planning your booth Nolia offers a wide selection of furniture, rugs, and other technology. The entire range of images available on There, you can also purchase it. In Nolias Service Center, you can make last-minute orders.Last-minute orders (after August 12) incur a 25 % increase on the price list. Note that ordered stand service is binding.

TAXI If you need to go by taxi, contact Umeå Taxi, telephone +46 (0)90-77 00 00, EcoTaxi, telephone +46 (0)90-911 911, or Sverige Taxi, telephone +46 (0)90-100 100.

TELEPHONE NUMBERS The following telephone numbers will be in operation during the trade fair:
Kristin Olsson, Event Manager, +46 (0)70-255 61 95
Lena Hernell, Quality Host, +46 (0)70-275 04 87
Information/Service Center, +46(0)90-16 42 57

TOILETS are available next to the exhibition hall.

WALLS The stand walls consist of white painted plywood board, height 2.50 m. It is allowed to spike with small nails and paint on the booth walls in a different color. Please note that resetting the white paint and ruined wall stand charged according to the price list.

The exhibition management and the organizer will assist you with all required information and will do everything to facilitate your participation at the Genealogy Days in Umeå.